You know you are here to be a Leader...

but you are hesitating...

Is this for me?
What will they say?
What if ​I don't know what to say?
What if I'm not up to the part?
What if I'm not good enough?

I get you, I've been there too!
Afraid of being visible, of speaking up, of standing out, of stepping into your role as an empowered woman...

​​Yet your soul is crying, because to follow your purpose as a Wayshower means getting out there in a BIG way, speaking from stages, being interviewed on TV & radio, holding workshops and doing videos.

I ​can help!
​With this and much much more!!!

​Let's talk about how BIG you want to play 🙂
​Apply for at 30 minute session where
I will help you see what stands in the way​ HERE

​Hi, I'm Isabelle...

I help women coaches, healers and entrepreneurs leverage powerful media and publicity strategies to become influential authority figures in their arena.
Whether it’s building brand credibility through TV and radio, confidently expressing ​yourself in front of the camera and on large stages or publishing ​your book to establish expert status, ​I bring a heart centered, empathy driven approach in ​my work with clients.
BeXO TV™ is ​my novel way of providing a collaborative media platform to help ordinary people become ‘eXtraOrdinary’ leaders in their industry through publishing, publicity and communication.
​A ​Transformational Leadership Coach, international PR expert, ​speaker and a multiple award-winning author, I am also the founder of XOKids™, a social action project that’s aimed at raising global awareness for atypical kids. As a mother to three sensitive children, ​I was inspired to share ​my own experience coupled with highly effective tools and training with other parents. ​I believe every child is born unique and the world needs to see, hear, accept and love them just as they are.
Before devoting ​my work full time to empowering women leaders and children, ​I was a key executive overseeing PR and communications for major corporations across North America and Europe. These include the European Commission, Alcan Corporation, The Aga Khan International Network and the Medicen Paris Region Bio Cluster.
A graduate of the University of Sweden, ​I began her early career leading community literacy initiatives in Johannesburg, South Africa. ​I helped raise funds for learning centers and schools during the country's highly turbulent political and economic climate. ​I then spent over 6 years as a distinguished financial journalist covering major breaking news for Reuters in Paris, France.
​I have been regularly featured in, have contributed to renowned media such as the Huffington Post and ​am a Talk Show Host at Business Innovators Radio. ​I've also published and authored over 4 books. ​My recent books include Feminine Influencers: Healers, Leaders, Givers and Impact & Influence: Make Your Message Matter!
A certified Digigraphie® artist and a voice for nature conservation, ​my photographic accomplishments has seen ​my work being exhibited at the National Museum of Heritage in Malaga, Spain and at the Barcelona Foto Biennale. ​My vision is to transform people's lives through fine art photography.
When ​I​ am not busy coaching, ​I enjoy indulging in star gazing, traveling, capturing natural beauty and lots of cooking. ​I currently live in France with ​my three ‘eXtraOrdinary Kids’ whom ​I absolutely adores.