First I Saw Nothing…Then I Saw It Everywhere!

I was walking in the near-by city of Brest. It was a windy/chilly/sunny afternoon. The kind you get here this time of the year.

Suddenly I spotted a yellow pillow in the window. Oh, Spring is around the corner...And I went about my errands.

A little further down the road, a beautiful yellow table stood out in the window of a shoe-shop.

Then there was the scarf on the girl walking by that just popped out, a sweater on display smiled at me and, part of a logo I had never noticed before winked, although I know the store well...
Suddenly YELLOW was everywhere!

What happened? 

Have you heard of the reticular activating system? It's the part of your brain's neurons that filters what information comes in. And it blocks out other information.

So imagine that suddenly my brain starts letting more "yellow" information in, then, in real life, more and more evidence of yellow is being pointed out to that cool or what!

So that means that if your neurons let LOVE in, you're going to see evidence of it in your everyday life.

Same, with JOY, and ABUNDANCE, and, yes scarcity and despair just as well.

AHAAA, do you see where I'm going? 🙂

Imagine you could control what information you let in, what kind of life would you wish for?

Instead of having a filter confirming all day long that you are not lovable, that you don't deserve, that you don't matter, that you're not enough…What would your life look like if instead you got the ongoing confirmation that you ARE lovable, that you ARE worthy, that YOU ARE ENOUGH?

How would you show up?

What would you differently?

How much better would you serve those you are here to help?

So this is not woo woo, the way the reticular activating system function is backed by scientific research. Now the icing on the cake is that with Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy (also is backed by scientific research),  you can change the way you filters work, because your filters are conditioned by your beliefs and past history.

So there you have it, it’s all available to you, Love, Joy, Abundance, Health, you name it.
The choice is yours: you can stay where you’re at, or let me help you step into a greater version of yourself​. I can transform your life in as little as one session! 

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Until then, Be eXtraOrdinary!

With Love , XO Isabelle
Rapid Transfomational Hypnotherapist, PR Whiz, Founder of BeXo TV and XO Kids