Why Your Personal Growth Is Directly Linked To Your Biz

As my business grows some subjects seem to be a moving target. Take my audience for instance, as I was first advised to narrow my “niche” I first felt panic, “what do you mean narrow?”, “isn’t women narrowing enough?”, “Who ‘s going to come to me now? I want to help as many as possible!”

With the appropriate guidance, I started embracing this concept of “niching” and birthed “women entrepreneurs”. But as the months went by, I started to feel uncomfortable with the whole thing and I realized that my clients were coaches 90% of the time. So really, a change in my message was necessary. As I reflected upon this, I was also becoming clearer on my personal strengths and the unique value I bring to the world. That’s when the target started to move again…3 shifts in 7 months, phew let me catch my breath!

My realization and what I share with you now is that nothing is set in stone, and as you grow personally, your business grows too. And that’s perfectly OK. And growth is a process so it can’t be a linear order “let’s review our niche every trimester” kind of thing. I prefer to talk about a more holistic approach encompassing you AND your business. Your primary responsibility is to remain tuned in to your true self, to understand that your strengths and your uniqueness are your most important assets and that only you can map out the playground on which to interact with your clients.

Aside from letting my “niche” evolve from the inside out, I also realized that I must respect the way I work to fully be present to my clients’ needs (as well as my own). That my personal rhythm of action and rest is like the Oceans’ ebb and flow I daily witness. And here too, only I can know and choose how to make the best use of my time and energy. And it may not look like what others prone or do. And that’s OK. I can allow myself to be different. To take the time I need because it can take me several days to “see” and refine the nuggets in my clients’ message. To acknowledge that when I write a book or a news release to take their message to the word, I need time to re-read the material over and over until I feel it’s ready. And that’s OK. Because the value I bring to the table in helping others become crystal-clear about who they are and what they say is priceless. And timeless. And that the work that I do is part of my client’s journey, as it is part of mine.

So what I want to share with you as well, is don’t underestimate your needs, they are part of your value. Recognize them instead as part of your strengths and they will serve you. And always remember that when you grow, you help your clients grow too. There is no right or wrong, only you walking your path, doing the best you can with every step you take. As you get closer to the end of the year and start reflecting on the past months don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t reach all the goals you had first established. Praise yourself for the road traveled and all you have learned. Your business is not your destination, it’s your journey.